The Fog City Audio Story

My name is Patrick.  In January 2021, I founded Fog City Audio, my home based small business in San Francisco.

Prior to this, I built audio cables as a hobby.

I enjoy MANY hobbies, including:

  • Enjoying live music whenever possible
  • Listening to music all day long
  • Playing the guitar
  • Building PC's and PC Gaming (currently playing Shadow of War)
  • Building models (Gunpla)
  • Mechanical keyboards
  • 3D printing
  • Driving slow cars fast

My natural tendency is to not leave anything in its stock form for long.  I have a passion for tinkering and try to improve upon what is available. 

Before founding Fog City Audio, I worked for 20+ years in the consumer and commercial electronics industry in various roles including sales, system design, training, and custom installation. 

I believe that a quality cable should add to your enjoyment of the music (or at least not get in the way). The cables included with headphones seem like they were an afterthought for the manufacturers at their best, torture devices at their worst.

While I do not make claims that my cables will magically transform bad recordings to perfection, they will help you to avoid the common “cable problems”:

  • Frozen in a weird position
  • “Balloon” like
  • Too heavy / Too light
  • Too long / Too short
  • Wrong connection for my amplifier
  • Looks boring / Doesn’t match my mechanical keyboard/desk setup

 Every cable is custom built by hand upon order.  My goal is to offer a high level of customization with an amazing turnaround time.  Most orders are completed and shipped the very next business day.

I build the majority of my cables using Mogami copper cabling made in Japan. Mogami is the cable that is most commonly used in professional recording studios around the world.

I’ve recently (June 2022) become an authorized Cardas “Builder” using Cardas Audio’s Pure Copper Litz cable.  Cardas is world renowned amongst discerning audiophiles.

I am a "Star Seller" on Etsy with well over 500 5 Star reviews.
I also am a longtime seller on Ebay (FogCityAudio) with 100% positive feedback.

Additions to my product line-up such as Cardas, and the many supported models started off as a customer’s “one off” request.  What will you ask me to build for you?