About Us

Fog City Audio is a custom audio cable builder, based in San Francisco, California. 

Since January 2021, we have been offering quality hand built custom cables with an ever-expanding product line up.

We currently offer cables for more than 25 brands of headphones, 8+ amp end connection choices, 75 colors, and multiple cable styles to choose from.

We are proud to build our offerings using cables from industry leaders Mogami and Cardas Audio.

Each cable is hand built to your selected specifications that can be customized even further upon request.

We offer an amazingly quick turnaround time, without compromising quality or reliability.

We strive to be your choice for audio cables, always keeping certain values in mind:

Performance and Personalization with Value

Skilled builders with years of experience, working to deliver well engineered cables that are built to last. 

Using components from industry leading manufacturers to deliver the best performance from your system.

We all have a personal sense of style.  We build cables that allow you to express yourself, and your interests

We offer cables that offer improved ergonomics and improved sound quality, custom built for you at prices lower than many aftermarket cables.

We are happy to consult with you, to discuss any one-off creation.  Many of our offered adaptors and models supported started off this way.