Frequently Asked Questions

How would you describe the way your cable feels?

Great question!  Our build style is lightweight and flexible.  Our cables lay flat and have very little "memory" meaning that you can easily coil them up.  The sleeving is paracord, which is a soft yet durable synthetic cloth material that is UV and mold resistant.  

Can I get a headphone cable shorter than 5FT?

Definitely!  Just mention your desired length in the notes section, along with your color choice.  Cable length is measured between the back ends of the connectors

Do you ship to my country?

Within the US, we typically ship via the US Postal Service.  We ship internationally via UPS.  Shipping options with pricing are presented during checkout.  Please be aware that fee's such as Customs Fee's and Brokerage fee's are not included in the shipping charges.

What is your return policy?

We custom build each cable by hand to your requested specifications.  Our expansive assortment of customization options (over 50K possible combinations per model), making returns not possible.

Do your cables have a warranty?

All of our cables are covered by a 12 month warranty. In the rare instance that you do experience an issue with one of our cables within this time, we will repair or replace it for you.  See here for full details

How far down is the splitter?

Typically, the top of the splitter is approximately 13" from the bottom the the headphone connectors.  This can vary depending on the connector.  You can request the splitter to be placed lower if desired.  Just mention this in the notes section, along with your color choice.

I have one of your cables with the carbon fiber style splitter.  Can I still order a new cable with this "Classic Style" splitter?

Definitely!  Just mention this in the notes section, along with your color choice.

Do you offer sliders on your cables?

Yes, in early 2024, we started incorporating sliders on all headphone cables, except the 22AWG Mogami cables. We are still searching for one that we like.

What is the purpose of the slider?

The slider moves up and down above the "Y" split of the cable.  It's purpose is to reduce contact between this upper portion of the cable and your collarbone, potentially reducing microphonics.

Is the cable that I am ordering compatible with the awesome "splitter upgrades"?

All of the "splitter upgrades" we offer are compatible with our 26AWG Mogami based (standard and Spiral Twin style), and 24AWG Cardas based headphone cables as long as they have a "Y" split (dual entry).  Splitter upgrades are NOT compatible with 22AWG Mogami headphone cables.

Why would someone want a 22AWG Mogami cable with heatshrink instead of the aluminum splitter?

The splitter for 22AWG cables needs to be fairly large, and CAN snag on the edge of a desk.  We offer the heatshrink option for those that are concerned with this.  

Why do you only offer 22AWG headphone cables for so few models?

22AWG cable is MUCH thicker than 26AWG cable.  Most connectors cannot accommodate this thickness.

Are there any benefits to the 22AWG cable?

Some prefer it for the thickness and weight.  Other feel that the lower resistance of the 22AWG improves performance, specifically with more difficult to drive headphones.  

Can you build an adaptor for XYZ?

Send us an email or chat.  We are happy to look into it for you.  Many of our listed adaptors started off as a one-off request.