Our Cable Lineup

All of our headphone cables are built with the goal of improved performance and ergonomics over the included stock cable.
We have three main offerings for headphone cables. 
These three are extremely light weight, flexible, and lay flat.
We do offer other configurations based upon common customer requests.

GOOD – Mogami 26AWG

These cables are built with Mogami Oxygen Free Copper cables. 
Mogami is the cable that is most used in professional recording studios.
Mogami has a very balanced and full sound signature.
It hits a sweet spot of performance and value.
This IS an upgrade over the stock cable in both performance and ergonomics.
These cables are our lightest weight variety.

 BETTER – Mogami 26AWG “Spiral Twin”

Same internal wiring as the GOOD cable. 
We sleeve the left and right channels separately and spiral them together.
The resulting cable is almost twice as thick, while still being very flexible. 
This build style looks and feels great, and is our personal favorite.

 BEST – Cardas Audio 24AWG Pure Copper Litz – “Spiral Twin”

Cardas Audio is a cable company that holds multiple patents on cable design.
While Cardas builds cables for many industries including aerospace, they are most well known in audiophile circles.
Cardas cables delivers the detail found with silver cables without the harshness and listening fatigue.
We have brought our favorite build style "Spiral Twin" to our Cardas cables. 
We sleeve the left and right channels separately and spiral them together. 
This  helps with this thicker cable’s pliability, and looks great.